The wire guy’s methods: specialist claiming to work for hours Warner cable tv was asking all on Reddit

The wire guy’s methods: specialist claiming to work for hours Warner cable tv was asking all on Reddit

A person claiming being a Time Warner wire specialist try spilling tricks on Reddit.

Moment Warner Cable, the second-largest vendor of TV set and websites in the United States, taught crystal it is looking into the posts. “We’re not able to examine if this people is really an existing or past staff member,” a spokesman explained.

Reddit individual cableguy_the moving an “Ask Me anything at all” (AMA) line, posting photos of his identification document banner and consistent as proposed proof their task. Their solutions to the questions being available in are incredibly honest. Below are a few features (typos protected).

On Comcast’s pending obtain of your energy Warner line:

We would like the merger due to the fact latest cluster responsible might worst in recent history. Lots of people getting shot due to unworkable metrics. Every one of the electrical happens to be directed at customer service staff and stripped within the individuals who in fact go to the houses and fix difficulties . It’s chaos and also the service is being managed like stool IMHO [in your modest advice].

From the hassle between professionals and service interpreter:

Yea customer service staff and specialists is combat a warfare that no one views. Most of us dread these people, these people despise united states. They tell users the thing is the device when it rarely is definitely. You determine buyers to just dismiss exactly what the dude from the cellphone states because it’s likely that excellent, they have never ever wired a residence, strung a drop or addressed cable.

On what’s really incorrect with the connection:

Don’t feel 50percent of exactly what the representative regarding telephone indicates. Simply set up the computer. Get your move. He’s carried this out previously. The associate simply advice phone. it is rarely the equipment inducing the concern.

Throughout the formula for you to get better services:

Whenever a computer shows up ,ask for his own supervisors number. Make sure he understands its not burning him or her but to escalate issues. He might dub his own sup to ensure their great but which will help.

On what’s preventing more quickly net obtain rates:

Truthfully, fundamental analogue cable. It can take right up sooo a great deal of bandwidth . 1 station per number vs connecting multiple frequencies to produce 8 channel for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Even as get 100per cent electronic tv.. online will have a lot quicker. Additionally congestion. If you reside around a college it’s any outcome . Grandmother may also use the lady 15 meg for e-mail and browsing but younger Johnny school child absorb in the data transfer useage in the region using netflix and torrenting and playing. Yet these people spend equivalent. IMHO what might hit this is often capping data and providing anybody uncapped performance.

On exactly why splitting their wire connections is actually an awful idea:

Setting up a splitter just to attenuate the sign is really stupid most of us have abstraction referred to as attenuators which do this without incorporating pointless splitter. But it’s true that way too much alert can be just as worst as lack of we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs him or her his job:

I would end up being dismissed based just who captures myself. I would also get an extra its so difficult to share with employing the technique this business is currently built.

As to how Wi-Fi signals include unreliable, and certainly will become vanquished by doors and structure:

Sure best shown. Plaster structure particularly.Solid material side, staying in a basement whenever the device is on the next ground or likewise. Wifi is actually a fickle creature.

On “broken” wire modem:

Yea I hear this a good deal. I’d declare in a provided yr I’d say 5% for the modems I swapped happened to be in fact faulty. All of us accomplish a large number of pup and pony program and just exchange it in any event. The issue is generally perhaps not products related. Modems either escort Allentown efforts or the two don’t. Discover so small in the middle. These are typically easy products. We have series clients making use of my laptop computer each and every thing employed alright, after that switch returning to their unique merchandise and almost everything goes to shit. These people still need another modem..Its insanity.

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