Jilted Grindr Hookup Contributes To Eight Hour Police Standoff, Gunshot Injury And Arrest

Jilted Grindr Hookup Contributes To Eight Hour Police Standoff, Gunshot Injury And Arrest

No body likes being rejected. But one Seattle people grabbed their current Grindr spurn a tad too privately.

41-year-old Alik Lebedev (pictured) immigrated towards the united states of america from Russia 16 years ago. In March, he related to men on Grindr. After talking for a time, the 2 decided to meet. But when Lebedev showed up during the guy’s condo, the alleged target determined he had been don’t curious. He granted Lebedev one cup of liquid then questioned him to exit.

Afterwards, the alleged sufferer had an alteration of center and delivered Lebedev another message, appealing him back over. The guy recognized. When he returned to the man’s condo, but Lebedev got a gun.

Initial, he asked the sufferer give all their earnings, two watches and credit cards. He then made your delete most of the information they’d replaced on Grindr, stole his SIM card, and escaped.

Authorities managed to utilize DNA accumulated from glass of water to track down Lebedev. When they arrived at their household these Monday, Lebedev barricaded himself around and threatened to shoot.

an eight-hour standoff ensued and performedn’t conclusion until Lebedev turned the gun on themselves. He experienced an individual shotgun wound for the torso, but endured. He was taken to a local medical facility, in which the guy stays these days. They have become charged with first-degree armed theft.

But this is certainlyn’t Lebedev’s first run in making use of the rules.

In 2000, https://datingmentor.org/escort/mesa/ he had been arrested for trying to shoplift $4,000 well worth of jewellery from Sears, then taking off in a stolen vehicle. He served three-years in jail the criminal activity.

In 2006, he was detained a second times for wanting to get gender and sending filthy images and films of themselves to an officer posing as a 14-year-old guy on line. The guy served two and a half age in jail regarding.

And also in 2010, he got in some trouble for failing continually to subscribe their target with authorities as he relocated.

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$4,000 in precious jewelry from SEARS? Exactly how is even possible?


Precisely why had been the guy however in the nation past 2010?


@CityBoy300: I became considering exactly the same thing!


And anyone who shops for accessories at Sears should always be deported just for beginners.



Mrs. Clinton have pledged to bring around 65,000 more of these great, unvetted figures to assuage the lady guilt for screwing up the middle eastern countries along with her idiot Clinton doctrine. Just issue is, brand new ones will be Muzzies. And, Muzzies dislike gays. Very, just do it women, vote for Hillary and guarantee your very own demise (and mine). Were gay guys actually that dumb? Hillary will probably rotate her back about protection questions of homosexual people although we are experiencing the sh it beat away from all of us. Then she’s probably say, “all muslims commonly aggressive, anti-gay jihadists”. Bang, you’re dead men. Keep it real. Dump Hillary.


@o.codone: @bobnla: Agreed. Just what a bit of true immigrant trash. Deport your !!


Hook-up guideline no. 1: constantly satisfy in a public spot.

If Lebedev wasn’t deported the 1st time, i assume he’s got some sort of long lasting residence within the U.S. The guy feels like a real nut job.


@o.codone: @Nixter: @bobnla: are you able to males please have your KKK rally at your regular Trump appointment?


@Scribe38: ?? Looks like gay men and women are getting up towards the truth the liberal governmental class does not have gay appeal in mind with regards to immigration. It is possible to make most of the laughs you prefer, and phone names and ridicule, but we’ll all shell out the purchase price for your stupid and thoughtless vote for Hillary. Very, don’t do so. I’m perhaps not gonna tell you firmly to vote for Trump, but We certainly as hell am. We will need to rotate the wave, and obtain some improvement in Washington. Do we want another 8 many years of inadequate government? We can’t manage it. Gays have to merely say no compared to that old little ch.


@o.codone: “8 numerous years of useless national?” Could you be joking? “Ineffective” how? The one you love GOP and Trump–who hired undocumented workers from Poland to provide Trump Tower, and who has requested massive amounts of H1B visa professionals for their Florida and other homes–have had gotten you and additional white supremacists snowed. THE GOP AND BUSINESS CLASSES SERVICE TOTALLY FREE EDGES!

Precisely why can’t you realize this? George W. Bush gotten the assistance on most Muslim organizations in 1999, never Al Gore. Their administration spirited the Saudis from the me after 9/11, never Democrats. I know it’s difficult realize, however your corporate pals, such as the GOP gang run Congress (into the surface), help substantial immigration to reduce wages and enhance the individuals at the very top. Obama features deported most undocumented immigrants, specifically those convicted of crimes, than nearly any various other me chairman. But i understand, he’s black, therefore wish the anti-gay white supremacist, therefore unknown the record.

Trump will not help LGBTIQ folks, such as white types who are not rich, because the GOP HATES GAY FOLKS, so that as much as you wish to ally with your on racial-ethnic reasons, so as to equally happened with prior Republican administrations, like the horrendous two W plant conditions, you will once more get another demonstration of exactly what “ineffective federal government” looks like under a Trump administration.

Billy Budd

@Kangol: you will be completely right, naturally.

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